Degree Programs

University of Phoenix
No other online institution can offers you the expertise of an online education like the The University of Phoenix. Maintaining high standards and an excellent reputation for its degree programs is their first priority. Affordable and convenient, there are both online courses and campuses available, whatever your preference is. Highly accredited, The University of Phoenix offers a wide range of different degrees and programs. Whether you want to further your current career. or switch paths all together, The University of Phoenix has what you are looking for in an institution. Supporting you from enrollment to graduation is our number one goal.

Capella University
A highly accredited higher education facility, the Capella University offers the very best in educational degrees in every field. The education that will help you to advance up the corporate ladder, is an industry leader. Whether you are in need of further knowledge in your current career path, or looking to change careers, the tools and skills you need are available at Capella University. Online courses allow you to work around your busy schedule and at your own pace. Affordable, but that does not mean you have to sacrifice the individualization of your training and education. Faculty is available from the time you enroll until graduation, when you are in need of a little extra help. Flexible, yet professional, the highest standards around.

Kaplan University
Nothing can make you more marketable in your current position, or if you wish to chose a different career path, than furthering your education. Kaplan University, an online institution, allows you to further your education on your own time, on your own schedule. Offering various degrees and certifications, adding higher education to your resume is not only possible, but convenient. Affordable, there is no sacrifice made to the personalization of your educational program. Available when you need them, they staff the most reputable faculty. Whatever your career goals are, the accommodations made with this university will help you achieve them. Financial help is available for those who need it.